Federation Brewing

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Oakland's brewery of today, tomorrow! Established yesterday.

Well, for one, at our brewery and tasting room. Duh. But sometimes you're not there, strange as that may seem.

This is a list  of everyone who's ordered our beer in the last month or so. They may not tap the keg immediately, or they may run out before we can deliver more. Some of these are regulars, some are places that rotate taps a lot. If you don't see us at a place that's listed here, we recommend throwing a complete shit fit until you're forcibly 86ed.


  • Awaken Cafe
  • Belotti Ristorante Bottega
  • Blind Tiger
  • Camburger
  • Cato's Ale House
  • Chop Bar
  • Classic Cars West
  • Commonwealth Public House
  • Crossburgers
  • Deep Roots
  • Drake's Dealership
  • Five10 Pizza
  • Flora
  • Forge
  • Heinold's First and Last Chance
  • Kona Club
  • Lanesplitter Pizza and Pub (Temescal)
  • The Libertine
  • Mad Oak
  • Oakland Metro Operahouse
  • Pacific Coast Brewing Co.
  • Room 389
  • Rooz Cafe
  • Somar Bar
  • Spice Monkey
  • Steel Rail
  • Telegraph Beer Garden
  • The Star
  • The Uptown Nightclub
  • Telegraph Beer Garden
  • Tribune Tavern
  • Yoshi's


  • Freehouse
  • Lanesplitter Pizza and Pub (West Berkeley)
  • Longbranch Saloon
  • Sliver Pizzeria
  • Townie
  • T-Rex BBQ
  • Revival Bar+Kitchen


  • Honor Kitchen & Cocktails
  • Lanesplitter Pizza & Pub (Emeryville)
  • Scarlet City Coffee
  • Propaganda


  • Assemble


  • East End Pizza

San Francisco

  • 111 Minna Gallery (SF)
  • Connecticut Yankee (SF)
  • Hogwash (SF)
  • Parc 55 Hotel (SF)
  • Richmond Republic Draft House (SF)
  • The Willows (SF)

Further Afield

  • McKay's Taphouse (Pleasanton)