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No one likes a pedant...

An American Pale Ale that will remind you of the fact that we were cheated out of our usual summer-like winter—a crisp light-gold color, soft malty sweetness and a classic light Cascade bitterness.  5.5% ABV / 36 IBU


Our best seller—designed to drink like a pilsner, but have the smoothness of an ale. From a malt and hops perspective, basically a Bohemian pilsner, but fermented with a super-clean ale yeast. Crisp, clean, refreshing, easy-drinking. Pairs well with whiskey and mistakes. 5.0% ABV / 16 IBU

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A bit of a hybrid

of an English IPA and American Pale Ale, this is not your typical West Coast tongue destroyer. With a malty Maris Otter body and a highly aromatic Citra dry hop, this beer has very complicated feelings about what it calls “The American War of Independence.” Best to steer the conversation towards how silly the French are. 6.0% ABV / 76 IBU

The English know something.

there's nowt the matter with a pint of bitter at midday. Americans, though, are sort of an all-or-nothing crowd--from Don Draper's three martini lunch to today's crop of 9% imperial IPAs, a lunchtime drink may earn you a disapproving side-eye before knocking you on your ass. Bollocks, we say. We brewed our ESB (which across the pond stands for Extra Special Bitter, but which we're calling an East Bay Session Bitter because we own a brewery and can do what we want) with English barley and hops but a California yeast, so you get the traditional light malt and molasses flavors, but a crisper pepper and hay finish with only a slightly fruity nose. And at 4% ABV, you can walk right out of the pub, secure in the knowledge that if Helen Mirren or Michael Caine were to see you, they'd be quietly impressed with your ability to drink like a grownup and maybe you'd get to be friends with them. 4.0% ABV / 25 IBU

Less of a smash-and-grab...

and more of a long con, Doin' Crime sidles up to you all smooth with an aroma of melon and orange blossom honey and earns your trust with a crisp, grassy flavor. It's not until you're left with the lingering cirtusy bite that you realize you've been had, and have been drinking an IPA all along. Have another, but cancel your credit cards and change your passwords first. 6.4% ABV / 58 IBU

Matt got married...

so we brewed this crisp saison for the wedding toast, tarting it up a bit with a touch of grapefruit juice. The memories of the wedding get a little fuzzy, but fortunately we wrote down the recipe 4.9% ABV / 10 IBU

Our bread and butter

if one’s bread and butter can be beer, which it definitely should be if just to make the morning a little more bearable. Roasty aroma with coffee and caramel characters makes it lightly sweet, but with a dry finish of toasted nuts and barley and just a hint of bitterness. Available on nitro as well--less carbonated, creamier head. 5.3% ABV / 32 IBU