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In The Weeds IPA

A hybrid of an English IPA and an American Pale Ale this is our flagship IPA. A split base malt bill of Marris Otter and 2-Row and dry hopped with Citra gives this IPA a balanced yet restrained approach to the west coast American classic.

76 IBU / 6.6% ABV

Behind You! Blonde Ale

Our best seller—designed to drink like a pilsner, but have the smoothness of an ale. From a malt and hops perspective, basically a Bohemian pilsner, but fermented with a super-clean ale yeast. Crisp, clean, refreshing, easy-drinking. Pairs well with whiskey and mistakes.

16 IBU / 5% ABV

Low Boy Oatmeal Stout

Our bread and butter...if one’s bread and butter can be beer, which it definitely should be if just to make the morning a little more bearable. Roasty aroma with coffee and caramel characters makes it lightly sweet, but with a dry finish of toasted nuts and barley and just a hint of bitterness. Available on nitro as well--less carbonated, creamier head.

32 IBU / 5.3% ABV

Utopia Planitia Red Rye

Named after the largest impact basin on Mars and the landing site of Challenger 2, this other worldly amber has a crimson color and a pillowy off-white head. The malted rye gives a slightly spiced sweetness to balance with the herbaceous California grown Ivanhoe dry hop.

35 IBU 7.4% ABV


Taxi Dancer Berliner Weisse

Perfect beer to wind down the summer - light and slightly tart, aroma of a street side fruit stand, and a tropical body.

12 IBU / 4.9 ABV

Boar Door Dunkelweizen

Brewed for Oktoberfest, this is a hazy brown, medium bready body, with mild banana, chocolate and clove aroma wheat beer.

12 IBU / 4.9% ABV

Butternut Booyah!

Our favorite time of year to eat and be merry, we brew up this sweet, aromatic, and malty ale to pair with the harvest bounty. Brewed with fresh butternut squash, sage, and black cardamom pods. It is customary to say, “Nice use of the Booyah” upon finishing each pint with a boisterous arm clasp. HARHAR!!

15 IBU / 6% ABV

After Hours Chocolate Stout

A full bodied, chocolate stout brewed with organic TCHO cocoa nibs and vanilla beans to lend silky mouth feel and accent the rich chocolate. This is a very limited beer as we are revering a quantity of it for barrel aging to release next year. Lock the doors, draw the shades, and turn the open sign off. The after party is always the best party.

29 IBU / 7.4% ABV


Scenic Route Imperial Grapefruit Sour

A pleasant grapefruit zest/apricot effervescence, lightly bittered, quite sour with a medium body.

35 IBU / 8.4% ABV