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From band geeks to beer geeks...

In the back row of junior high band sat two juveniles chortling over the words "fingering" and "bone."  Having absolutely dominated the "Low People" section, they took the moniker to college and continued to behave themselves in the manner befitting the bass voice of the band.  That of, course, means being the best damn beer drinkers in the bunch.  After inheriting the wisdom that comes along with being the foundation for musical intonation, time, and tone, they quickly learned, independently, that a "normal people" job just won't do.  So, after their respective collegiate musical pursuits, naturally one became a chef and the other became a bartender, never forgetting their Low People past.

They both migrated north, Matt ending up in Chico and Aram in Portland, two towns in which people routinely wake up and find that they've brewed an imperial IPA in their sleep without really meaning to. Fast forward a couple years and they wound up back here in the Bay, brewing in the back yard every weekend (which of course is Monday and Tuesday in this industry). Convincing Larry of the merits of beer over wine was easy once he learned how much better pancakes taste when made spent grain rather than grape lees. The hobby got way the hell out of hand until we realized there was only one course of action available to us.

Opening a brewery, just totally doing it,

Matt Hunter

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